Albany All Stars Roller Derby

Thanks to our official photographers Wolfgang Kurth, Sean Childs, Mike Carey, and Hispanic Attack.

When the universe was created, it was flawed. Then Albany All Stars Roller Derby was created by a group of determined, fury-mad women in 2006 and the universe is now PERFECT. The WFTDA sanctioned league was too powerful to remain just one body and now consists of two teams, an A and B Team: The All Stars and the Brawl Stars.

They’re over 40 blood-thirsty skaters ready to roll a hole through your heart. At any given moment in the Capital Region the thunder you hear could be our skaters delivering earth-breaking hits to their opponents.

The sport of roller derby has been rapidly spreading like the most fun, joy-inducing plague you could possibly imagine. Every second you miss seeing these women work their magic on the track is a SECOND OF YOUR LIFE WASTED! Come experience the best that the sport of Roller Derby has to offer!


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