#80 Better Off Red

#80 Better Off Red

Why did you pick your name?
‘Better Off Red’ is a shout out to redheads.

Why did you pick your number?
My number, 80, is the year I was born. I picked it because it’s simple and pretty much most things about the 80s were awesome.

What does your name mean to you?
Ginger pride!

How long have you been playing derby/playing for the All Stars?
I’ve began playing derby in November 2013. This whole time has been with the All Stars! AASRD baby!

What is your favorite part about derby?
Definitely the challenge of it. Most other things in life have come easily to me. With derby, I feel way out of my comfort zone. Being surrounded by so many encouraging people and great athletes who have become my friends is just an added bonus!

What’s one random interesting thing about you?
When I was 5, I earned the nickname ‘the lunchbox kid’ due to a minor altercation with a 6th grade boy over my brand new Care Bear. I wasn’t letting anyone take my Cheer Bear without a fight. Just because I’m small doesn’t mean I’m a wimp!