#69 Star StrykHer

Why did you pick your name? Well Star chose me, it has been my nickname at Karate Cross Fit for years. Striker was my neighbor’s dogs name until she realized if she shouted her name is sounded like “Strike-Her,” which fits my KXF name well.

Why did you pick your number? *69 also known as call return was used on house phones when I was growing up to get back to someone that contacted you last. 😉

What does your name mean to you? Star originated from the tattoos on my shoulders. I never knew why I got them until a few months after I joined the All Stars. Dizzy told me when she saw my tattoos at tryouts she knew I was meant to be an All Star! I believe it is a strong reflection of my personality. I am very competitive and always do my best to not only master things I enjoy but also shine bright. Born a Leo, ruled by the Sun I play the game fearless because it is not about who will let me, but who will stop me.

How long have you been playing derby/playing for the All Stars? Since May 2014.

What is your favorite part about derby? My favorite part about derby is how addicting it is. It’s my favorite way to spend my time, money and effort. It’s the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. I love training hard and seeing results. I have come a long way but have a long way to go. Roller Derby has quickly become my favorite sport. She always knows how to cheer me up.

What’s one random interesting thing about you? I won two talent shows in high school playing the drums with a few friends performing “About A Girl” by Nirvana and “Helena” by My Chemical Romance.