#22 MerryPain

#22 MerryPain

Tag line: Just because I shouldn’t doesn’t mean I wouldn’t!

Height: 5’11”

Bio: “I think a lot of people –including myself- mistake my innate kindness and good intentions for weakness. Sure, I’m rarely the first aggressor, but if you push me, I’ll push back. I’ll smile and apologize while I’m doing it – and maybe feel a tiny bit bad about it later- but I’ll definitely shove back.” (Melicious)

Trademark/Special Attributes: Waving to the crowd on my way to the penalty box (also known as my water break).

Quote: “When I step on the track, I want people to curse their luck!” (Aurora Gory Alice)

Derby Wife: Sometimes I think about adding a certain wife AND a certain husband to my side.  But commitment just isn’t my style right now.