#187 Di Tryin’

#187 Di Tryin’

Why did you pick your name? I have always been stubborn, determined, and one to not give up on something that I am passionate about, no matter what obstacles may get in my way.  If you tell me I can’t do something, I will do everything in my power to prove you wrong!

Why did you pick your number?  187 is the police scanner code for homicide, and as a blocker, I hope to do some serious damage.

What does your name mean to you?  Determination and strength

How long have you been playing derby/playing for the All Stars?  Since May 2014

What is your favorite part about derby?  I thought that the aggressive nature of the sport would be my favorite part, but I have fallen in love with the camaraderie that I have found within this wonderful group of women that I am lucky to call my teammates!