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Special thanks to our sponsors who made us look so fantastic!

Photo by: Dino Petrocelli
Hair by: V Salon Katherine Zeta Bones/Kate Dorwaldt
Hair and Makeup by Shapes and Colours: Damsel ‘N Destest/Lyndsay Grimes (hair and makeup), Lilly Miller (hair), Alina DeGuchy  (hair), Angie Dijohn (hair), Michelle Corrigan (hair), Shannon Marchi (makeup), Amanda Marie Rubino (hair), Allie Szesnat (hair).Freelance Makeup: Emily Cassin

Koan Design
The Watervliet Dome

Roller Derby is a sport that involves a lot of community interaction. We are all over the place, directly assisting charities, having a blast at community events, and helping out our neighbors in any which way we can. In turn, people help us out. We have the greatest volunteers, fans, friends, and sponsors. All of these people make it happen.

Sponsors are the oil in our machine. We need sponsors to help support our efforts to keep derby growing and rolling in Albany.

Sponsorship does more than help us — it helps you. By sponsoring us you become a member of our roller derby family. You are part of the excitement and people will want to know more about what you have to offer. We had 1,200 – 1,800 amazing and loyal fans support us at each bout last season. Wouldn’t you like to reach them?

This is what we can do for our sponsors:

  • Promotion at Derby Events: advertisement during bouts via program ads + promotion during off-season events!
  • Internet Promotion: Your logo and live link on our website, our Facebook page and our Twitter!
  • Your Merchandise Giveaways: Distribute your t-shirts or other materials to fans at bouts and other Albany All Star Roller Derby events!
  • Complimentary tickets and Albany All Stars merchandise!
To find out more please e-mail: info@albanyallstars.com