Double Shelix #602

Double Shelix #602

Why did you pick your name?
I make drugs for a living – I mean MEDICINES. We’re supposed to call them medicines! But seriously, it’s a representation of my nerd pride, as a female scientist I’ve gotten a lot of crap in my life about what girls “can” and “can’t” do. Eff that. I work in a lab, mix chemicals, and cure cancer. And I do it quite well and I’m proud of it.

Oh and the subtle pun makes me giggle.

Why did you pick your number?
6.022e23 is the long (non-WFTDA compliant) version. Avogadro’s number, the number of molecules in a mole. I mentioned I’m a nerd, right?

How long have you been playing derby/playing for the All Stars?
Five glorious, painful, exciting years.

What is your favorite part about derby?
I know it’s a cop out but I can’t pick just one thing! The thrill of being on the track, doing drills or endurance or scrimmaging, is indescribable. Every painful moment is one of the best experiences of my life. But our volunteer work in the community, our PR events, the way we come together and enjoy being alive and powerful and strong together can be breathtaking too!

What’s one random interesting thing about you?
I used to drive forklifts for a living.