Cherry Pop #37 1/2

Cherry Pop #37 1/2
Cherry Pop #37 1/2

Why did you pick your name?
I tried to come up with a name I liked, for several months, with no luck. I was too indecisive. Something about picking your own name seemed weird and unnatural to me. So, I didn’t really. I talked it over with many different people on several different occasions, and in the end, Lusty Crush and Evil Eye Leen were mostly responsible for my name

Why did you pick your number?
It is significant to me, for a very insignificant reason. Has been for a very long time now.

What does your name mean to you?
Personally, I find it ambiguous. (Although, I’ve heard people say the exact opposite.) It means different things to different people, and I like that. It doesn’t always mean the same thing to me, and I enjoy not choosing one meaning. I think it really suits me, in that way; I’m not always the same thing either.

How long have you been playing derby/playing for the All Stars?
I joined AASRD in May of 2014. This is my first time playing derby, or any team sport, for that matter.

What is your favorite part about derby?
I actually really enjoy skating. It’s also been a fun way for me to get into better shape. And, last, but certainly not least, the amazing community I feel like I’ve become a part of.